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A sale at a distance is defined as:

“All sales or supply of goods and services concluded without physical presence of both parties. Where the professional and the consumer conclude the contract using exclusively one or more communication technologies at a distance.”

The current conditions apply to sales of products proposed by the SOGEVAB society on its website ( by the intermediate of the E-transaction platform of the Crédit agricole.

In these sales, SOGEVAB is dedicated to the respect of the clients and the clear presentation of offers, adapted according to the sector of the activity and the customer.

The SOGEVAB online store consists of a first introductory welcoming web-page where the client can choose resort of the sports centre they would like to purchase services from. The products for sale are featured on the on the second webpage are accompanied by various information (events, location and details).

For all orders of products featured on the online store, the SOGEVAB society assumes the client knows the characteristics of the purchase they wish to make. Namely the conditions of access (age and opening hours etc) the price and the general conditions of sales applicable at present.

When an order is placed the client recognizes obtaining all required information beforehand. They confirm total definitive acceptance of the general conditions of sales.

The client, a physical person, must be with the necessary jurisdiction in their capacity to order (above the age of majority at 18). They are a credit card holder of a non expired card with a visual cryptograph on the back.

The operations of purchases are treated by an intermediate – the E-transaction platform of the Crédit Agricole. After the card number, expiry date and 3 digit cryptograph are obtained, the “valider” button of the secure site concludes the formation sales contract.

ARTICLE 1 – Object

The present disposition, concerning the sale at a distance of access cards for all outdoor and indoor activities offered in the SOGEVAB society online store, aims to define the obligations of all parties.

ARTICLE 2 – Geographical zones

Access to the online store website is offered to all IP addresses and purchases can be made from all over the world.

ARTICLE 3 – Placing of orders

The orders that are placed using the E-transaction platform engage the client as soon as they have validated and confirmed their payment.

ARTICLE 4 – Order confirmations

After the payment, the client has the possibility to edit a purchase confirmation that they receive by e-mail. They can also edit a payment confirmation generated by the E-transaction website. All paid orders are personal and therefore non transferable without the agreement of the SOGEVAB society.

ARTICLE 5 – Withdraw delay

The client disposes of a retraction delay of 14 (fourteen) business days depending on the payment method to exercise their right to withdraw their order according to the consumption code (art L.121 and subsequent) . The right to withdraw operates by sending a demand accompanied by a bank statement with an IBAN registration at the same address the purchase was made under. The refund occurs within the maximum legal delay (14 days).

ARTICLE 6 – Preparation

All services that require a reservation and inscription to a planning (court booking and well being) the SOGEVAB will contact the client within the best possible delay so as to convert the purchase into a physical service.

ARTICLE 7 – Delivery

The delivery will occur at the address of the establishment mentioned in the order confirmation on the dates chosen by the client for each purchase.

The client can present themselves at the sports centre reception and provide their purchase confirmation to access the services or collect their personalized pass. They will need their purchase confirmation and a national Identification document (ID card, drivers license, passport or equivalent).

ARTICLE 8 – Responsabilities

The client should be respectful of the regulations in the sports centre and wear appropriate attire.

In the cases of: technical failures at the centre, client cancelations or a change of activity, a remboursment can be done.

The SOGEVAB society reserves the right to refuse access to a card holder if they discover a false declaration has been made by the client with regards to their personal information (e.g. age) or if they believe the client’s behavior is disrespectful or dangerous, without prejudice to eventual proceedings. In these cases the client cannot request any particular compensation.

The SOGEVAB society reserves the right to limit the access to activities if there are technical failures at the centre, or if there is too much demand for the use of centre facilities, (An instant customer frequency monitor (FMI) registers the comings and goings).

The SOGEVAB society examines with goodwill all demands for cancelations of the client. The client will need to provide all necessary justification to support the request.

ARTICLE 9 – Extraneous forces

In cases where an extraneous force stops a client utilizing the facilities, the entry will be temporarily suspended to be used at a later date, but the order has every right to be executed. The extraneous forces include internal and external strikes, in addition to jury duty of staff, the blockage of transport, government and legal restrictions, computer system and digital errors, blockage of telecommunications and networks. If beyond a delay of three months the SOGEVAB society finds that the extraneous force persists, the order will be canceled, except under contradicting accord of both parties.

ARTICLE 10 – Right of access to files and rectification of data, Video surveillance

The personal data provided is electronically processed in order to manage your subscription. We are the recipient of this information, and our partner, the Office de Tourisme de Val Thorens may send you updates about what’s happening in resort every now and then. Pursuant to the “information technology and individual freedom” n° 78-17 law of 6 January 1978, as amended in 2004, the user has the right to access, correct or remove their personal data, which they may exercise by contacting : SOGEVAB – Maison de Val Thorens – 73440 LES BELLEVILLE + You also have the right to oppose the data processing of your personal information. If you prefer not to share your data with the Office de Tourisme de Val Thorens, please send a letter to (adresse postale du service de l’entité en charge des relations client) or an email to: SOGEVAB – Maison de Val Thorens – 73440 LES BELLEVILLE +

The client is informed of the existence of active video surveillance devices in the Les Menuires Sports Centre. The aim of this system being in place is to favor the security of goods and persons.

ARTICLE 11 – Amicable arrangements or lawsuits

For all law suits following the fulfillment of an obligation, a formality or a service, we urge the parties involved to come to a suitable agreement.

In all cases were the parties involved have not come to an amicable arrangement, the case will be attributed to the court of Albertville.

Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, August 25th 2012

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